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Scavenger Hunt Words Announced

Updated: May 3, 2020

Deadline extended to May 5 at 9:00 p.m.

The banquet may be held over Zoom this year, but we are still inviting everyone to engage their creativity and play along with this year's Scavenger Hunt. So get creative and have fun with the words below, but remember: we don't expect anyone to have to step away from home to take these photos. Please continue to be safe and healthy.  You can go to the Scavenger Hunt page at any time for the complete rules, submission info, and word list, but here are the basics. 

Photo by Joern Hopke
Photo by Joern Hopke

There are 10 words in the Scavenger Hunt, plus one bonus word.

Details In The Kitchen Motion A Color That Starts With P Patterns Self Portrait The Number 5 Through Glass Up Window Light
Bonus Word:  Join

The judges will pick first, second, and third place, but you get a point just for entering each category whether you place or not. The overall winner is the photographer with the most points. There's also a bonus word - this word will only be used in the judging if there's a tie.  For each word, you will submit one photograph. Once you've picked your subject, you can only shoot that subject, and you can only shoot three frames to get it the way you want. Only minimal editing allowed: this is about the idea not the processing.  New work only. All photos must be taken between April 9 and May 3.  Photos are scored based on creativity and fun - so, pretty much whatever the judges feel like doing! Any questions: check the website or ask Marshall (his email address is in the club announcement email).  

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