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West Newton Cinema Show
Opening November 4th, 2018
3 - 5pm
Show runs through January 26th
West Newton Cinema
Photo by Jeff Mather

West Newton Cinema Show

Submissions Due: September 26th

Opening: November 4th, 3-5pm
Show: November 4th - January 26th


NCC members showcase their best work in this two-month long show.

Members may submit up to 5 photographs for consideration. Up to three image per member may be selected. Each member who submits will have at least one piece selected for the show.

All members are encouraged to sign up to bring a food contribution to the opening.


See details and rules below.


West Newton Cinema

1296 Washington Street

West Newton, MA

The Details


This show is our only curated show. Each member is invited to digitally submit up to 5 images for consideration. The curators will select between 1 and 3 of these images for inclusion in the show and inform the member which images should be printed and framed. The framed images are delivered to the WNC by the member early on the day of the hanging so the hanging crew has time to layout and hang all the images.

After the images are hung, we have an opening reception which we hope all participants will attend. The rest of the club should also attend, along with the many people you invite. All attending club members (participants in particular) should bring a refreshment contribution for the reception. Please sign up to bring a refreshment.

At the end of the show (nominally the end of December) participants are expected to pick up their images during an announced time window. Images not retrieved during the window will be left leaning against the walls in the gallery space, unprotected, for later pickup.

How to Submit


  1. Identify up to 5 family-friendly images you want to submit prior to the September 26th deadline.

  2. Create JPG copies, sRGB color space, a maximum of 1280 pixels on the long side.

  3. Name your images using the following naming convention:

    FML_WNC#_HxW_Title of Image.jpg

    where FML are your initials. PLEASE use exactly three letters. Use an "X" if you have no middle name.

    # is the image number (1 - 5) of your first through fifth images. If you are submitting a di- or triptych append an a, b, or c to indicate the file is the leftmost, middle, rightmost sub-image.

    H, W are the FRAME height and width, in inches, respectively.

    "Title of image" is the title of your image with spaces between the words.

    NOTE: please use an underscore between elements, as indicated

    Example of a single landscape format image:

    BAH_WNC3_16x20_Road Race.jpg

    Example of the rightmost image of a triptych, where the entire triptych frame is 30" wide:

    BAH_WNC2c_16x30_At The Finish.jpg


  4. Submit your images. This link is for members only. Please be sure you are logged out any Dropbox account before submitting files. We will be picking one image to use for PR- as a printed postcard and also for on line use. If you DO NOT want your photo used for this, please email us and let us know.

  5. On or about October 1st you will receive an email with your selected images (perhaps with comments from the curators). Get them printed and framed by the beginning of November (exact date TBA).



  • Label your framed images!
    Put your name, title and the price (or NFS..not for sale) on a label on the back of each framed work. If plexiglass is used, please also add a P to the label so we don’t try and clean them with Windex.

  • Frames must be sturdy and wired
    All frames are required to be sturdy and have a wire across the back. If the frame is not sturdy, your image will not be hung.

  • Minimum framed size is 16" x 20".
    There is no upper size limit as long as we can hang it safely.

  • Black frames with white mattes for 16" x 20" submissions.
    We strongly suggest black frames with white / off white mattes to provide a degree of uniformity for the 16"x20" framed prints. Larger prints can be printed on any medium (canvas, metal, acrylic, etc.) and framed however you wish, including no frame. 

  • Protect your images.
    Glass or Plexiglas to protect your print is highly recommended but not mandatory. As above, if plexiglass is used, please add a P to the label. No plastic sheeting please.

Please note that the curators put a lot of thought into which images they select. They may require/request changes in your images. In order to honor their efforts and to keep confusion down to a minimum, please accept their suggestions. Also, substitutions requested after the show has been curated are strongly discouraged and most likely not be approved.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS please send us an email as far in advance of the show as possible and someone will be happy to help.



  1. You must be a (paid up for 2018-2019) member to participate. Please pay your dues as early as possible, but no later than the day of the hanging.

  2. All members get at least one image in the show, presuming acceptable image quality and subject matter.

  3. Images for consideration are submitted digitally via a DropBox link (visit the "submit" page link sent via email)

  4. Images must be "family friendly" as we are guests at the Cinema.

  5. Submitted image files should be named exactly as prescribed by our naming convention described in the How to Submit section (left). We have a lot of images to consider and and having the files named correctly makes organizing the review process possible.

  6. Images that have been hung in previous club exhibits cannot be accepted. Images shown elsewhere or within other club activities are fine.

  7. All accepted images must be framed according to the guidelines in the Framing section (left).

  8. Select your submissions with the following considerations in mind:


  • Smallest print size for single images is ~10"x15" in 16"x20" frames (or equivalent visual size for other aspect ratios)

  • Larger images are encouraged, but please consider technical quality and subject matter.

  • Diptychs/triptychs are allowed. Such multiple image presentations should be framed in ONE frame (with exceptions for practicality) and will count as ONE submitted image.  Minimum frame size is 16"x20" (or visual equivalent) and sub-image sizes must reasonably fill the frame. Curators have the right to place additional restrictions for allowance on such multiple image presentations. 

  • The lighting is very uneven and there are dark spots.  We can not control the lighting or guarantee a particular location for any print. Select your images appropriately.

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