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Newton Camera Club 
Where Photographers Click!

The Newton Camera Club provides photographers of all skill levels a forum for discussing photography and sharing their work. All are welcome.


Our mission is to provide a welcoming community for photographers in the Newton, MA area to learn, to improve their skills, to collaborate, and to share their work.


We meet from September through May on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. Meetings usually alternate between presentations by external photographers and juried competitions, along with shows by our talented members. We also go on occasional field trips around Massachusetts and New England. In between meetings, we communicate with one another on the Community Forum

Our Mission
Photo by Vivienne Shein

Why Join NCC?

  • Motivation to get out and shoot!

  • Meetings are mix of speakers and hands on learning/instruction and a chance to meet other photographers. (See Meetings & Events)

  • Learn new things, whether it’s a place to shoot, how to shoot it, or what to shoot it with …you’ll be in the company of like-minded people with a wide range of talents.

  • Exhibit Opportunities - At least three opportunities a year to show your work. (See Exhibits)

  • Competitions/Critiques – Submit your images to be judged and/or critiqued by professional photographers and/or your peers, all with the intent to help you raise your level of confidence and competence. (See Competitions)

  • Field trips and events with people who want to get out and shoot photographs and get better at their craft.

  • Member Mini-Shows occur multiple times per year. We invite members to share work in short presentations that can be anywhere from 5 minutes up to 20-30 minutes.

  • Community - Ability to post questions on the Community Forum.

Join the Newton Camera Club Today!

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Get Involved

The Newton Camera Club is an organization run entirely by volunteers. Members enjoy shooting, working together, and learning more about photography through presentations, competitions, and critiques.  The joys and benefits of the camera club happen as a result of the year-round commitment and efforts of individual members. We ask each member to consider how you can contribute to the success and momentum of our camera club.

Our Club is 100% Volunteer Run!

To volunteer, contact us.

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