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Competition Rules

Photo by John Romancier

About Competitions

Competitions provide learning through thoughtful critique by experienced judges; recognize and reward good work; and challenge us to create photographs on various themes and topics. Beyond that, they are an opportunity for as many people as possible to share their best work. Use the Competitions menu above to learn about upcoming competitions.

We host primarily digital competitions. Our competitions each have a theme (eg, nature, color, night, macro, etc). You may choose photos from your archives, but we love it when people use this to inspire them to shoot new work. All regular competitions also include an Open category. This is an opportunity to submit a photograph on any theme or subject, and using any technique.

Check out the results from past competitions in our photo gallery and also this critique sheet which lists many of criteria judges will use to evaluate your photos.

Members: please direct questions to


Competition Submission Guidelines

Each theme has specific instructions. Those instructions are posted on each competition web page.

Number of Images
You may submit a total of three photographs to most competitions, with a maximum of two pictures in a category. Some special competitions such as the Scavenger Hunt and the Multi-Club Competition have their own rules about the number of images that you can submit.


A goal for competitions is to inspire you to make new work. Consequently, once an image has been entered into a competition, it is not eligible for entry into a later competition.


Submission Classes
The theme and the Open competitions are each divided into an Advanced [A] and a Regular [R] class.

The Advanced class is for experienced photographers, and/or any member who won 1st place in the previous year's Regular class. "Experienced" is based, in part, on one's own self-appraisal of your photographic work, including consideration of effort committed to photography, exhibition experience, or other factors. If you have any question about what class you should be entering in, please talk to the club president or competition leader prior to the competition.

The Regular class is for new to intermediate photographers who have less experience and/or have not won 1st place in the full-year NCC Competition.

Technical Information

  • Format: Submit images as jpegs in the sRGB color space.

  • Sizing: images can be a maximum of 1920 pixels on the long side.

  • File naming:
    NOTE use of underscore characters.

    example: Nature_A_vsm_BigWaterfall.jpg


  • Where to submit: We use Dropbox to gather images. Each competition will have a unique link for submissions. That link will be sent out via email in advance of of each competition and can also be found on the individual competition’s webpage.


Questions or Issues?

It's easier to work out problems if there is still some time before the deadline. If you have questions, please get in touch in advance by emailing

Publishing Competition Images

We plan to post galleries of the winners to show off the great work done by NCC photographers. By submitting to competitions, you are giving us permission to post the images in that gallery of winners on the website, where you will be credited for the work. We also reserve the right to use your images in other locations on the club website and on the club's social media outlets, always with attribution. We will not use your work in any other way whatsoever without asking. If you do not wish the work to be published on the NCC website and/or on social media, please let us know by emailing at the time of your submission(s).

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