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Holiday Party & Mini Show
December 10th, 2018
Submission Due: December 3
7:30 pm
Newton Senior Center
Photo by Nicole Mordecai

Holiday Party &
Mini Show

Come celebrate the holiday season with us. Enjoy festive munchies and good cheer while we see various projects that some of our members have been working on. This is a potluck event, so please sign up to bring some food or drinks to share (see below).


For the mini-show, club members can showcase their work in a 7 minute slide presentation with up to 20 images. Up to 15 members may present. Priority is given to those who have not presented in the past year. See the participation guidelines below.

Meeting Location
Newton Senior Center
345 Walnut Street

Holiday Party &
Mini Show Details


Please sign up to contribute appetizers, desserts, or drinks.


Submission requirements

  • Deadline: December 3rd

  • Number of Images
    While the number of photos is up to you up to maximum of 20, please keep in mind that you need to keep your presentation under 7 minutes long. You can have a lot of impact with a small number of photos and showing too many can dilute that impact

  • Naming Convention

    initials_slide num_title.jpg  

    Please make the slide number all the same number of digits. Thus, if you have 20 slides, the first ten should be 01, 02, 03, etc., and not 1, 2, 3. This makes it MUCH easier to keep everything in order.

  • Image Size
    Images should be jpegs with the longest side set to1280 pixels.

  • Submit to DropBox
    Click on this link to upload your files.

Photo by Nicole Mordecai
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