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Light Painting and Drawing

Monday, October 28

7:00pm  *** Note Earlier Start Time ***

Newton Senior Center

Jürgen Lobert

Adding artificial light to photos taken at night can be done through a number of techniques. Light painting adds additional light to existing surfaces, but light drawing is one of the few techniques where a photographer can actively create unique and intriguing content, rather than simply photographing existing objects.

In this talk, Jürgen will share his three secrets for mastering light painting and drawing. He will also cover night photography equipment and settings, exposure considerations when adding light, light painting/drawing tools, and post-processing considerations. 

Throughout the presentation, Jürgen will demonstrate a number of light painting tools and shows how to use them and how they look like in the many visual examples.

Be sure to register for the companion Light Painting Workshop on November 8th at Castle Island.


Newton Senior Center
345 Walnut Street

Newton, MA 02460

Enter by the back door. Take steps (or elevator) up to the main floor and turn left. The meeting room is on the left. Parking is on streets around Newton Senior Center.

Jürgen Lobert

Jürgen Lobert is a Massachusetts-based fine art photographer born and raised in Germany. He received a Ph.D. in atmospheric chemistry from Gutenberg University in Mainz before moving to the US in 1991.

Jürgen is a self-taught photographer who specializes in night photography and daytime long exposures as well as urban exploration.

Jürgen is an executive member of the Boston and Stony Brook Camera Clubs and the founder and organizer of the Greater Boston Night Photographers Meetup group. He organizes some 50 photo excursions and workshops each year and he is a lecturer, instructor and judge for regional camera clubs and an instructor at the New England School of Photography (NESOP). His artwork is in the permanent collection of the Art Complex Museum.

According to Jürgen, there is a profound peace in roaming the nights to create otherworldly, serene scenery and capturing the element of time.

Jürgen can be found online at:

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