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Photo by Mary Beth Sandman

Holiday Party &Mini Show

December 9, 2019, 7:30pm

Newton Senior Center


Come celebrate the holiday season with us. This is a potluck event, so please bring a dessert or hors d'oeuvre to share. If appropriate, please bring a plate or bowl and if your contribution requires serving utensils, please bring those along as well. We will start the party with your food contributions at 7:00 PM, followed by the member mini-shows at 7:30 PM.

Member mini-shows are a way for club members to showcase their work. Slide presentations may be short - 1 or 2 images - or run up to 7 minutes (strictly enforced). The "ideal" mini-show is a collection of about 12-15 images representing some coherent or consistent message or theme, for example, a trip, a social message, or simply different examples of a subject ("Bridges"). These should be images of the quality that you would submit to a competition or print show. See specific requirement below.

Meeting Location
Newton Senior Center
345 Walnut Street

Submission Requirements

  • Intent to submit: November 29th
    If you would like to present a mini-show, please let us know by filling in this two-line form (no longer available, deadline has passed). If we are over-subscribed, members who did NOT present in September will be given preference with the others selected randomly. You will be informed of your status ("presenting" or "standby") by December 2nd

  • Submissions Due: December 5th

  • Length
    Presentations must be under 7 minutes long. This will be strictly enforced, so please practice your presentation to ensure that it's under the time limit.

  • Number of Images
    While the number of photos is up to you, we strongly suggest no more than 12-15 images. Keep in mind that you need to keep your presentation under 7 minutes.

  • Naming Convention

    Holiday_<initials>_slide num.jpg  

    Please make the slide number all the same number of digits. Thus, if you have 15 slides, the first nine should be 01, 02, 03, etc., and not 1, 2, 3. This makes it MUCH easier to keep everything in order.)

  • Image Size
    Images should be jpegs with the longest side set to 1920 pixels.

  • Submit via DropBox (coming)
    Please log out of your personal DropBox account before uploading.

Photo by Jason Katz
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