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Photo by Ellen Foust

Mini Show

August 10, 2020, 7:30pm

Remote Meeting (See Instructions)

Deadline: August 7

Are you new to the club?
Haven't had a "mini-show" before for any reason?

One of the features and benefits of belonging to the Newton Camera Club is having the opportunity to present your work to your fellow members - a group of non-judgemental but experienced photographers. The three ways to do this are participating in our competitions, our public exhibits, and our digital "mini-shows". Mini-shows are an opportunity to show a larger group of your images at one time.

If you are a new NCC member or have otherwise not yet participated in a mini-show, we want to see your work and learn about your photographic self. You are invited to showcase your work on August 10 in a special NCC Zoom summer meeting.

The "typical" mini-show is a collection of about 12-15 images representing some coherent or consistent message or theme, for example, a trip, a social message, or simply different examples of a subject ("Bridges"). Typically the photographer narrates the show to explain the significance of the image, the how, where and why it taken, etc. so more images may be appropriate for shows that are not narrated. For fairness to other presenters, each mini-show must be limited to 10 minutes. While not a competition or exhibit, photographers should "self-curate" to showcase their best work.


Submission requirements

  • Deadline: August 7th

  • Number of Images
    While the number of photos is up to you, there is a maximum of 20 images. Please keep in mind that you need to keep your presentation under 10 minutes long.

  • Naming Convention


    For example: 
    BAH_04_Paris Street.jpg

    Please make the slide number (##) all the same number of digits. Thus, if you have 20 slides, the first ten should be 01, 02, 03, etc., and not 1, 2, 3. This makes it MUCH easier to keep everything in order.)

  • Image Size
    Images should be jpegs in sRGB color space with the longest side set to 1920 pixels.

  • Submit via DropBox
    Please log out of your personal DropBox account before uploading.

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