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Judge: Tom Spine

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Generally, our category guidelines are pretty open, but for Nature, we use the Photographic Society of America (PSA) Nature rules, which state that the nature story is the primary driver of image quality, and the hand of man cannot be present unless it is a critical part of the nature story. Also, please review the PSA rules concerning the amount of editing that is permitted.

See our Competitions page for general information and submission specifications.

Please submit via DropBox.

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  • Please log out of your DropBox account before submitting your images.

Judge: Tom Spine

Tom Spine is a retired software designer whose interests in photography and birds collided while on safari in Tanzania in 2013. Since then Tom has nurtured those two interests into a full fledged passion, photographing birds in the Northeast, as well as Canada, Costa Rica, Florida, Texas, Hawaii, and California. His photographs have won awards in both the Parker River National Wildlife and the NH Audubon annual photo contests. You can find Tom’s work on Flickr, as well as on Instagram.  You can learn more about Tom and his work on his website.

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