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Nicole Mordecai

2022 Newton Library Opening

March 6, 2022

9:00 PM

Submission Deadline:

Feb 18, 2022

Remote Meeting (See Instructions/Get Zoom Link Emailed)

SHOW RUNS March 2 - 31

Visit the Online Gallery


  • Online Gallery Submissions: Feb 18 (optional)

  • Print Drop-off: March 2, 9:15-10:30am

  • Print Pickup: March 30, time TBD

Every year dues-paying NCC members showcase what they feel is their best work in this month-long show. This is not a curated show. Please SIGN UP by February 4th to indicate if you wish to participate in the show. NOTE: Images from previous NCC print shows may not be included. All images must be family friendly for display in the library.

Members may request to show 1 or 2 prints. Submit your request here AFTER reading the guidelines below.. Space is limited in the library. We hope there is room for 1 print per person. If there is not enough exhibit space for every member who signs-up, then we will have a lottery. Please indicate if your prints will be portrait or landscape orientation so we can plan accordingly. If we have extra exhibit space, we will do a lottery to determine who can submit 2 prints.

All members who signed up to participate in the show (whether or not you were selected in the lottery to show a print) are welcome to also submit an image to the online gallery for everyone to enjoy during the online opening and going forward. Participation in the online gallery is optional. To participate, please upload your image(s) to DropBox using the link below. Images should be sized 1920 pixels on the long side (same as they are for competitions). 



Newton Free Library

330 Homer St

Newton, MA


Your family-friendly framed image or images should be brought to the Newton Free Library on March 2nd. Drop-off details will be emailed to everyone who is participating.

How to Sign Up

For this show, you need to SIGN UP by February 4th and indicate how many prints (1 or 2) you wish to exhibit and their orientation (Portrait or Landscape). After the February 4th deadline, you will be notified how many framed prints you will be able to exhibit. A lottery will determine which prints are hung if we are oversubscribed.

Once you have been notified, optionally upload your image(s) for the online gallery by February 18th using the DropBox link on the right. 


  • Label your framed images!
    Put your name, title and the price (or NFS..not for sale) on a label on the back of each framed work. If plexiglass is used, please also add a P to the label so we don’t try and clean them with Windex.

  • Frames must be sturdy and wired
    All frames are required to be sturdy and have a wire across the back. If the frame is not sturdy, your image will not be hung.

  • Framed size should be 16" x 20"
    Frames should be 16" x 20 " or visual equivalent for other aspect ratios. No larger images will be accepted. Prints should be around 10"x15". Significantly smaller images in appropriately smaller frames are discouraged as they will be “lost” visually. Please let us know if you would like to show a small print.

  • Use black frames with white mats.
    We strongly suggest black frames with white / off white mats to provide a degree of uniformity for the exhibit.

  • Protect your images.
    Glass or Plexiglas to protect your print is highly recommended but not mandatory. As above, if plexiglass is used, please add a P to the label. No plastic sheeting please.

Online Submissions

If you would like to participate in the online gallery, please follow these guidelines:

  • File Size.
    Images should be 1920 pixels on the long side

  • Naming:
    Use your full name followed by the image title. For example: "Nicole Mordecai - Snowy Owl.jpg"

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS please send us an email as far in advance of the show as possible and someone will be happy to help.


You must be a paid up for 2021-2022 member to participate. Please pay your dues as early as possible, but no later than the day of the hanging.

Print Exhibit

  • Images must be "family friendly."

  • Images that have been hung in previous club exhibits cannot be accepted. Images shown elsewhere or within other club activities are fine.

  • All accepted images must be framed according to the guidelines in the Framing section (left).

Online Gallery

  • Optional: Submit images for the online gallery using the DropBox link above.

  • Follow file size and naming guidelines to the left.

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