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Nicole Mordecai

2023 United Parish Show

June 9, 2023

9:00 PM

Submission Deadline:

Apr 30, 2023

SHOW RUNS June 1 - 30

Deadlines / Dates

  • Commit to participate: April 30

  • Submit to Online Gallery:  May 15

  • Print Drop-off: June 1, 9:00-10:00am

  • Opening Reception: June 9, 5-7pm

  • Print Pickup: June 30, time TBD

Since the Newton City Hall was not available this season for us to host a show, we have replaced that show with a print show at the United Parish Church in Auburndale. This month-long show is not a curated show. If you would like to participate, please read the Guidelines below and then FILL OUT THIS FORM to let us know if you would like to show one or two images.  NOTE: Images from previous NCC shows are not allowed, but images from competitions are. All images must be suitable for a family-friendly environment.

By April 30th, members in good standing may request to show one or two prints. If there is not enough exhibit space for every member who signs up to get all the requested prints hung, then we will have a lottery to determine who and with how many images will participate (everyone will get one before anyone gets two). Please READ the details of the print requirements below before asking to hang a print. This is a commitment to hang a print. If you do not deliver your print, it means someone else has been denied the opportunity.



United Parish of Auburndale

64 Hancock Street

Auburndale, MA


Your family-friendly framed image or images should be brought to the United Parish of Auburndale on June 1st between 9 - 10:00am.

Preparing Your Framed Images

  • Frames should be about 16x20 or 20x24 (or visual equivalent for other aspect ratios). No larger images will be accepted. 

  • Prints should be in reasonable proportion to their frames. Significantly smaller images in either appropriately smaller frames or in 16x20 frames are discouraged as they will be “lost” visually.

  • Label your framed images!
    Put your name, title and the price (or NFS..not for sale) on a label on the back of each framed work. If plexiglass is used, please also add a P to the label so we don’t try and clean them with Windex.

  • Frames must be sturdy and wired
    All frames are required to be sturdy and have a wire across the back. If the frame is not sturdy, your image will not be hung.

  • Use black frames with white mats.
    We strongly suggest black frames with white / off white mats to provide a degree of uniformity for the exhibit.

  • Protect your images.
    Glass or Plexiglas to protect your print is highly recommended but not mandatory. As above, if plexiglass is used, please add a P to the label. No plastic sheeting please.

How to Participate in the Online Gallery

For this show, we will post all the images from the show in an online gallery, if you wish to participate.

  • File Size:
    Images should be 1920 pixels on the long side

  • Naming: FullName_Title_Price.jpg
    For example:  Nicole Mordecai_Pretty Picture_$150.jpg. If you don't wish to offer your photograph for sale, use "NFS" instead of "Price" to indicate "Not for Sale," as in: Bruce Horwitz_Bonanza_NFS.jpg

  • Upload to Dropbox by May 15th using the link to the right

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS please send us an email as far in advance of the show as possible and someone will be happy to help.

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