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Jeremy Pardo

2024 Summer Mini-Show

September 9, 2024

11:30 PM

Submission Deadline:

Sep 4, 2024

Hybrid Meeting (See Remote Meeting Instructions)

United Parish of Auburndale

64 Hancock Street

Auburndale, MA

We begin the season with our traditional Summer Mini-Show. Member mini-shows are a way for club members to showcase their work. Slide presentations may be short - one or two images - or run up to 5 minutes (strictly enforced). Members who have not presented in the past year will be given priority and will present first. Members at the end of the order may or may not be able to present depending on the length of earlier presentations. Members may present either in-person or on Zoom.

For this mini-show, we are looking for a collection of images that you took over the summer of 2023. These should be images of the quality that you would submit to a competition or print show. Family or travel shots are welcome if there is something photographically interesting or unique about them. 

Carefullly review the Guidelines below for information on how to submit images to the mini-show. If you have any questions, we're happy to assist, but please contact us sooner rather than later to avoid a last-minute crisis.

You must be a paid member to participate. Please pay your dues if you have not already done so.


Here are the submission requirements for participating in the mini show.

Number of Images

While the number of photos is up to you, we suggest 10-15 images. There is a maximum of 20 images, but please do not submit that many images if you plan to say something about each one. Keep in mind that you need to keep your presentation under 5 minutes long. This time limit will be strictly enforced.

Naming Convention 

Summer_<FirstName LastInitial>_slide num.jpg    

For example: Summer_Bruce H_07.jpg

Please make the slide numbers all the same number of digits. Thus, if you have over 9 slides, the first ten should be 01, 02, 03, etc., and not 1, 2, 3. This makes it MUCH easier to keep everything in order.)

Image Size

Images should be jpegs with the longest side set to 1920 pixels.

Submit via Dropbox

Use the "Upload via Dropbox" button on this page to submit your images. Please log out of your personal DropBox account before uploading.

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