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Joern Hopke

Mini-Show for Multi-Club

March 22, 2021

11:30 PM

Submission Deadline:

Mar 15, 2021

Remote Meeting (See Instructions)

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This mini-show is in preparation for the Newton Camera Club's participation in the Multi-Club Competition. Each member may submit one image in each of the 8 competition categories taken after April 1, 2020:

  • Abstract

  • Architecture

  • Life during COVID

  • Macro/Close Up

  • Monochrome

  • Two Things

  • Motion

  • Reflections

No judging will be done during the mini-show. Instead, members will be encouraged to discuss the images, highlighting the strengths and weakness of each photo. 

After the mini-show, a panel made up of Newton Camera Club members experienced with Multi-Club competitions, will select a regular and an advanced image from each category to submit to the Multi-Club Competition. The decision will be, at least in part, informed by the discussion during the mini-show.

Carefullly review the Guidelines below for information on how to submit images to the mini show. If you have any questions, we're happy to assist, but please contact us sooner rather than later to avoid a last minute crisis.

You must be a paid member to participate. Please pay your dues if you have not already done so.


Here are the submission requirements for participating in the mini show.

Number of Images

You may submit up to 8 images, one in each of the 8 Multi-Club categories listed above. You are not required to submit an image for all 8 categories. You can only submit a single image per category.


Images must be taken after April 1, 2020


Naming Convention 


For example: Abstract_nym_Tree Blur.jpg

Image Size

Images should be jpegs with the longest side set to 1920 pixels.

Submit Via DropBox

Use the button to the right to submit your images. Please log out of your personal DropBox account before uploading.

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