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2023 Nature Competition

October 23, 2023

Judge: Nadia Haq

This season the Nature Competition will have three submission categories rather than two: Wildlife, Landscape & Natural Details, and Open. You are still limited to a total of three images which you can divide up between these three categories. As before, no more than two images are allowed in any one category. It is no longer necessary to follow PSA rules. This means that in addition to cropping and exposure/color adjustments, you may also edit out small distractions. The main subject of the image, however, should reflect the reality of what you observed.


This category is for photos of wild animals. Do not submit photos of domestic or captive animals. If the hand of man is included, it should be an insignificant part of the image or a necessary part of the story (e.g., a barn for a barn owl).

Landscape & Natural Details

This category encompasses nature in all its glories, ranging from the grand landscape to the smallest natural detail. Animals should not be included, except incidentally. Again, the hand of man may be included, particularly if it's part of the nature story, but it should not be a prominent part of the image.

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