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Still Life / Open

April 26, 2021

Judge: Jim Scherher

Jim Scherer has photographed food and still life in his Boston studio for over 3 decades. His clients have included Au Bon Pain, Trader Joe’s, Dunkin’ Brands, and the Boston Globe. He has done presentations at the New York Photo Expo and at the BU Conference on Food Photography, and his awards include the Communication Arts award for excellence, the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops award, and ASMP’s award for still life. He has served as national vice president of ASMP.

Recently retired, Scherer now works on personal projects from a studio he built in the Portland Maine area. “Still life,” Scherer says, “is one of the few photographic genres that you can usually work on by yourself. You are in control and can build a complete world beneath the camera. I like that!” Beyond still life, he’s now working on projects exploring ambiguous imagery with blur, shadow, and collage.

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