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Friendly Critiques

Suki Hanfling

Friendly Critiques

Bonnie, Beth & Suki

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

11:00 PM

Facilitators: Bonnie Greenberg, Beth Crastnopol, and Suki Hanfling

This is a 90 minute opportunity to co-critique each other’s images on Zoom.

Have you found yourself eager for helpful critique on your work? These sessions will offer club members an opportunity to improve their photography practice with helpful, honest feedback that goes beyond the "Great, I love it" that are frequent comments on social media.

How to Sign Up

Please sign up for one (and only one) of the following three sessions: 

October 17th at 7pm - Bonnie Greenberg facilitating

October 18th at 3:30pm - Beth Crastnopol facilitating

October 30th at 7pm - Suki Hanfling facilitating

There is a limit of 7 people per session. If all the sessions are full, put your name on the Waitlist at the bottom of the spreadsheet and we'll try to add an additional session if there are enough people on the Waitlist.

How to Submit Images

After you add your name to the sign-up sheet, email two images to the facilitator for your session at least two days before the meeting. Please use these sizing and naming conventions:

Image Size: 1920 pixels on the long edge

Naming: YourFirstAndLastName_Title.jpg

What to Expect

At each session, we will critique one of each person’s images in the first round. If time permits, we will continue to the second round. Prior to your session , please familiarize yourself with the NCC critique page.

We will comment on :

  • What is working in the image

  • What could make it even better using those guidelines

  • Is there anything the photographer especially wants feedback on.

Bonnie, Beth & Suki

Bonnie Greenberg, Beth Crastnopol, and Suki Hanfling are all Newton Camera Club members. They have volunteered their time to facilitate these member-to-member critique sessions.

Bonnie Greenberg

Bonnie has been an active member of NCC since 2014. She enjoys the camaraderie or (CAMERA-derie) of the group and has learned so much from the wonderful speakers and engaging competitions. Her style has been eclectic featuring travel, family, children’s portraits and still life. She looks forward to this project of Friendly Critique as yet another way to improve photography skills and create community.

Beth Crastnopol

Beth has been a member of NCC for about 6 years and she loves being part of a photography community. She's a passionate photographer with an eclectic portfolio that includes abstracts, travel photos, and grandchildren. For her, photography is her lens to finding beauty and meaning in the visual world around her. She look forward to learning in critique sessions with other photographers from NCC.

Suki Hanfling

Probably in part because she doesn't try to make a living out of her photography (she's a couple’s and sex therapist), she absolutely loves experimenting with capturing something new or different in her images. During the pandemic, getting out to take photos at least once a week in order to explore different parts of Mass saved her "mental health".  She's been experimenting with different approaches such as Intentional Camera Movement and taking multiple in-camera exposures and then combining them. However, the process only begins with the photographs since she then spends hours trying to “improve” or even “recreate” these images in Lightroom.

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