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Member Photo Shoot

Nicole Mordecai

Member Photo Shoot

North Point Park

Sunday, May 21, 2023

9:30 PM

Meeting Location: 

2 Education Circle, Cambridge, MA

Rain Date: Sunday, May 21st, 5:30pm

Join your fellow club members for a photo shoot at North Point Park in Cambridge, a short walk from the Museum of Science. We'll meet at the semi-circular seating area in front of 2 Education Circle at the entrance to the park. The photo below shows the park sign and the adjacent seating area.

There's something for everyone at this fun location. You'll see great views of the Zakim bridge, find plenty of water and building reflections, see interesting people, and perhaps even some wildlife. Best of all, there's an popular skateboard park for those who enjoy action shots. The skateboard park is even lit up after dark.  It's all in a fairly compact area so we should be able to find one another easily. Come for an hour or stay for sunset. There are two little places to grab a bite to eat or you can pack a picnic dinner.

There's a small parking lot right next to the skateboard park at the intersection of Education Street and Education Circle as well as some on-street parking. The closest garage is at the Museum of Science.

We highly recommend taking public transportation or carpooling. To help you find someone to carpool with, we have set up a Carpooling Sign-up Sheet. You can add your name to the list if you're willing to be a driver or if you only want to be a passenger. It's up to you to contact one another to arrange rides. If you're a driver, please remove your entry from the sign-up list once your car is full. If you're a passenger, please remove your name from the list once you've found a ride.

North Point Park

We'll meet at 5:30pm at the semi-circular seating area, shown here, in front of the EF - Education First building at 2 Education Circle in Cambridge.  We'll touch base again with each other at 6:45pm at the same location to check in and find out who is planning to stay for sunset and/or dinner.

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