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Photo Makeovers

Nicole Mordecai

Photo Makeovers

Eli Hollander

Monday, March 11, 2024

11:30 PM

Remote Meeting (See Instructions/Get Zoom Link Emailed)

Submission Deadline: March 6th

Eli Hollander is a master photo editor who combines an artistic sensibility with excellent technical skills and easy-to-understand explanations of what he is doing and why. In this session, watch as Eli transforms a handful of member photos.  

Each member is invited to submit one photo. This should be a photo that you really like, but are either having trouble editing or can't figure out the best approach to improving it. Please only submit an image if you intend to be present at the session because part of the process involves engaging each selected photographer in the conversation. 

For this photo makeover critique, Eli will choose up to 7 photographs to present. He will select these photos not because they are the “best” (whatever that means) or that he likes them the best, but, rather, these photos will offer us examples of how he approaches and analyzes an image to figure out what edits to make. He approaches editing as an integral part of the photographic process: the photo is only finally completely “taken” when the editing of that image brings out the essential qualities of that image. In choosing the 7 photographs, he will look for different images that illustrate various problems or require different tools in the editing process.

In this session, Eli aims to provide an informal and non-competitive discussion of your photographs which includes input from the photographer and from the audience. He will demonstrate how to apply Lightroom and some Photoshop techniques to editing to bring out essential qualities, and discuss the basic structure and concept of each photo.

How to Submit Your Images:

You must be present in the session for your image to be included in the critique.

If you use Lightroom to edit you images, please submit images in DNG format that will contain your cropping and editing decisions. To export DNG format images from Lightroom with the editing information, do the following:

1. Select "Export with Preset">"Export to DNG" in the File Menu of Lightroom. In case you don’t have the "Export to DNG" option listed, just select "Export…" in the File Menu, then select DNG in the sub-menu options in the "File Settings" section. Make sure the "Embed Original Raw File" checkbox is checked.

2. In case you are using another editor other than Lightroom, you may submit an edited image, preferably in TIFF file format, and your original unedited and uncropped raw image.

3. Please title your image with your full name and a title (eg, "Nicole Mordecai - Barred Owl.DNG")

4. Click this link to upload images.

In case you have questions or problems regarding how to export, or any other issues, please let us know at and someone will be happy to help.

Eli Hollander

Eli Hollander, professor emeritus of film and digital media and founder of the film department at the University of California at Santa Cruz, is a director, writer and producer of fiction and documentary films, and a still photographer. Formally a professional musician on the French horn, he graduated from the Julliard School.

Eli is a graduate from UCLA's School of Film and Television. He is recipient of grants and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Christopher and the Cine Golden Eagle awards, among others; his work has been shown in numerous film festivals, including the London Film Festival, Edinburgh, Epernay (France), Bergamo (Italy), Sundance, San Francisco, and at museum showings and on television, including PBS and Channel Four in Great Britain.

During recent years, Eli shifted his work to still photography, centering on "street photography," urban and rural landscapes, and portraying "people in museums."

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