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Pushing the Limits of Mobile Photography

Clifford Pickett

Pushing the Limits of Mobile Photography

Clifford Pickett

Monday, April 24, 2023

11:30 PM

Remote Meeting (See Instructions/Get Zoom Link Emailed)

Most people, most photographers even, don’t even come close to leveraging the full creative potential of their iPhone.

In this presentation, Cliff will demonstrate just what is possible when you unlock the power of your iPhone and push the most advanced camera ever made to its limits.

Come join the revolution... this is will be an i opening experience.

Clifford Pickett

Clifford Pickett is a full-time traveling professional travel, humanitarian and commercial photographer, videographer and educator.   His approach to photography as well as education is rather rather unconventional, questioning everything about the standards and norms of creating images. He has learned to successfully operate at the edge of what is possible, leveraging the new capabilities of modern technology and developing techniques that allow him to overcome traditional photographic limitations while simplifying the process.  His unique ability to take a complicated subject matter and distill it into its purest, most simple form, has led to a “Less is more” approach to photography, workflow and editing.  

He currently travels full-time as a professional photographer using his iPhone and a drone, as well as leading international workshops on photography, editing and workflow. He has developed several successful photographic enterprises, including an elite personal brand in digital photography, a commercial video production company, a 3D VR imaging business and a community-based platform for local artists in NYC to share their vision and work worldwide.  He is an adjunct professor at NYU and a personal consultant for many of the biggest names inside and outside of the photographic industry. He has worked with many global brands such as National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions, Apple, Google, British Airways, Adidas, Estée Lauder, Sephora, Clinique, B&H and many others.  Most recently he has partnered with the iPhone Photography School to develop an online video-based training platform to showcase the photographic potential of the iPhone in the worlds most beautiful locations.  

To see some of Cliff’s work, you may visit his website at: as well as his personal instagram account 

For his workshops, including his upcoming Lightroom Bootcamp workshop, click here and use the code NCC for a $100 discount!

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