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Storytelling, One Frame at a Time

Essdras M Suarez

Storytelling, One Frame at a Time

Essdras M Suarez

Monday, October 19, 2020

11:30 PM

Remote Meeting (See Instructions/Get Zoom Link Emailed)

In the "Storytelling, one frame at a time" presentation, the aim is to provide the audience with an understanding of what exactly can be considered to be a story-telling image. We will discuss all the elements and little nuances that might include the presence of decisive moments, the interaction between photographic subjects between each other and to their environment, layering of information in order to visually convey the many aspects, details, features that make up the storytelling frame, etc. By discussing these, we will gain a better understanding of how combining and being aware of them leads to more engaging storytelling moments, and all within a single frame.

Essdras M Suarez

Essdras Suarez is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, educator, mentor and speaker. He is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, who worked as a photojournalist for newspapers for 20 years, and who’s been a photographer for over a quarter of a century.

During a recent interview where he was asked if he had a specialty he said, “As newspaper photographer you were expected to wear many hats. In addition to being a photojournalist, you were expected to be a travel photographer, documentary photographer, food and product photographer, and a portrait photographer among other things.”

He added, “I’m not a specialist - I’m a generalist. I can shoot anything and everything… But my favorite subject is people, so Street and Travel photography hold a dear place in my heart… documenting ‘normalcy’ and making the normal look extraordinary that’s where the challenges lies within.”

Throughout his career, he’s worked in over 60 countries while covering a myriad of assignments including the war in Iraq and the Columbia Shuttle disaster in 2003; a U.S. backed military coup against Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide and the Indonesia Tsunami in 2004. He also covered the Gaza Strip Evacuation in 2006, the Newtown Elementary school shooting, and the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013 to a name a few.

Among his more unique assignments was a trip to Romania in 2009 to document first shipment of radioactive material being shipped from this former USSR satellite country back to Russia. The program was a joint venture between the US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the Russian Federation, the Romanian Government and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

After moving to the Alexandria, VA he’s continued to freelance for the Washington Post and for ZUMA Press Agency. In 2017 he was the only photographer to get images of congressman (R) Steve Scalise after he was shot during a baseball practice in Alexandria. He more recently covered the Civil Rights leader John Lewis passing among other national news.

He now applies and shares all of his knowledge and experience as a speaker, educator, and as the founder of EMS Photo Adventures LLC where he is focused on creating and leading educationally geared, on-site and virtual custom photo programs including educational webinars, and short- and long-term mentorship programs.

He continues to be a full-time, freelance photographer specializing in documentary event, Travel Photography, Editorial assignments as well as corporate story-telling photo essays.

His images have been published in such well-recognized publications as the National Geographic, Time Magazine, New York Times and Washington Post and many other world renown national and international publications.

For more information, visit his website at

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