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Photo by Joern Hopke

Scavenger Hunt

May 11, 2020
View 2020 Scavenger Hunt Gallery
Join the meeting using the link sent from our mailing list or from our Google Group. If you did not receive the email you may find the link by searching our Community Forum for “Meeting Link”.
Judge: Eric Redard with Marshall Goff
Submissions Due: Extended to May 5th at 9:00 p.m.


As is our club's tradition, we celebrate the end-of-season with the presentation of the Scavenger Hunt results.  Instead of our banquet, we will socialize online before the results are presented.

Here are this year's category. The rules are below.

The Categories
Self Portrait
Window Light
The Number 5
In The Kitchen
Through Glass
A Color That Starts With P
Bonus Word: Join 

See our Competitions page for general information and submission specifications.

Please submit photos via Dropbox

  • You must be a member in good standing to enter. Please pay dues now if necessary.

  • Be sure to log out of DropBox before submitting your images.


Remote Meeting via Zoom

Judges: Eric Redard with Marshall Goff

Eric returns to the club and the Scavenger Hunt after a few year's absence, but many of you will remember his true enjoyment of this event and his good humor. 

This time, he's judging alongside Marshall Goff, and most of you will know that he lacks a sense of humor entirely. Enjoy. 

Scavenger Hunt Rules

Here are the rules for this year's scavenger hunt. Judging is based on images that fit the category and that have a sense of humor or artistic quality to them. “Fit the category” is up to your creativity and interpretation, but the judges must be able to understand what you’re doing. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards for each category. There is credit just for entering a category. So DON’T hold back!

  • Submit 1 photograph for each category

    • The 10 categories are listed above. Submit one photograph for each category.

    • You may submit fewer than 10 photos, but you get points for just entering a category, so it's best to try to submit something for each category.

    • You get points for 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place. 

    • Happy to see submissions for the challenging Bonus Word, but it is only used in the score in the case of a tie across the other 10 photos. 

  • Only 3 shots allowed​

    • ​You are allowed to shoot 3 shots per category. Select only 1 of the 3 to submit. The 3 shots must be the same subject.

    • Once you select the subject, that’s it. You can’t go find a “better”one. You can change angle, lighting, etc., as long as it’s the same subject.

  • Photos must be taken during the competition period

    • You may only submit photos taken between April 9th and May 3rd.

  • Minimal post-processing

    • You can make minor tonal adjustments, correct white balance, resize, sharpen, and use selective editing tools available for local adjustments.

    • The following types of edits are not allowed: composites, cloning, rearranging subject matter post-shooting, and major photoshop work.

  • Image naming

    • Name each submission:

    • Example: A submission for the "window light" category would be named

  • ​Regular competition submission rules apply

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