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Image Processing Software 

An Overview

Monday, June 15th


Remote Meeting (See Instructions)

Joern Hopke

Image processing is an important part of a digital photography workflow. Lightroom (LR) and Photoshop (PS) are the predominant tools in this area, but high cost and technical complexity pose a barrier of entry for novices and seasoned photographers alike. As a lead-in to the following meeting about Editing Styles, this presentation tries to give a broad overview of available image processing software, and show alternatives or additions to LR and PS. We will cover a wide-ranging spectrum of applications from simple image viewers to raw developers, image editors, all-in-one packages, plugins, and software for specialized tasks.


Presentation Slides available to download. 


Remote Meeting via Zoom. The link will be sent to you via email.

Joern Hopke

I have been a member of the NCC for the last two years, but have gathered experience as a hobby photographer for almost 40 years. I started out using my Dad's Minox, and a few years later his Leica R3 usually loaded with a roll of Kodakchrome 64. Later on I graduated to a battered Leica M2, and eventually a Leica M6, solely focusing on B&W. First forays into digital photography with a Nikon D50 and an Olympus E-P2 were an exercise in frustration, as they poorly matched the rangefinder experience. But with the advent of the Fuji X-Series, I fully embraced a digital workflow, and since then have tried to hone my skills in this area..

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