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Jason Gish

2022 Nature/Open

Mike DiMeola

Monday, October 10, 2022

11:30 PM

Submission Deadline:

October 1, 2022

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Generally, our category guidelines are pretty open, but for Nature, we use the Photographic Society of America (PSA) Nature rules (scroll down to Nature section), which state that the nature story is the primary driver of image quality, and the hand of man cannot be present unless it is a critical part of the nature story. Also, please review the PSA rules concerning the amount of editing that is permitted.

See our Competitions page for general information and submission specifications.

Please submit via Dropbox:

  • You must be a member in good standing to enter. Please pay dues now if necessary.

  • Please log out of your Dropbox account before submitting your images.

Mike DiMeola

Michael DiMeola is a Vermont-based fine art photographer specializing in nature photography. Largely self taught, he started his journey into photography providing images for an outdoor adventure company in the Hill Country of Central Texas. Upon returning to New England in 2016 his focus shifted to nature photography as he continued to hone his craft while exploring the backroads and mountains of the Green Mountain State.

Through his photography he seeks feelings of peacefulness and harmony and his images reflect this in their calm portrayal of nature and rural landscapes.

Michael’s work has been featured in numerous publications including B&W minimalism magazine as well as in several exhibitions in the Photoplace Gallery and the Mad River Valley Arts photography show.

His gallery representation includes the Brandon Artist Guild and Art In The Village in Warren Vermont. His most up to date work can be seen on his website at

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