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Nicole Mordecai

2022 Scavenger Hunt / Celebration

Judge: Marshall Goff

Monday, May 23, 2022

11:30 PM

Submission Deadline:

May 17, 2022

Remote Meeting (See Instructions/Get Zoom Link Emailed)


As is our club's tradition, we celebrate the end-of-season with the presentation of the Scavenger Hunt results.  This year we will have an in-person celebration with light snacks. To keep things safe, snacks will be served in a spacious area separate from the presentation room. There will be a separate entrance to the presentation room and masks will be required inside that room, so if you don't feel comfortable partaking in snacks, we invite you to still participate in-person for the presentation. For those who do not wish to participate in person at all, we will also be connecting the in-person event to Zoom. 

Here are this year's Scavenger Hunt words. The rules are below.

Cool with warm accent



Edge of light
Street light

Bonus word**: Verbal

* If a category name is more than a single word, please use only the first word when you name your files. Please do not include anything else in the file name other than the category name and your initials. See example in the rules below.

** Bonus entries will all be shared, but the scoring will only be used to break ties.

See our Competitions page for general information and submission specifications.

Please submit via Dropbox using the button above:

  • You must be a member in good standing to enter. Please pay dues now if necessary.

  • Please log out of your DropBox account before submitting your images.

Judge: Marshall Goff

Marshall Goff's bio is below.

Scavenger Hunt Rules

Here are the rules for this year's scavenger hunt. Judging is based on images that fit the category and that have a sense of humor or artistic quality to them. “Fit the category” is up to your creativity and interpretation, but the judge must be able to understand what you’re doing. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards for each category. There is credit just for entering a category. So DON’T hold back!

  • Submit 1 photograph for each category
    The 10 categories are listed above. You may submit fewer than 10 photos, but you get points for just entering a category, so it's best to try to submit something for each category. You get points for 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place. Happy to see submissions for the challenging Bonus Word, but it is only used in the score in the case of a tie across the other 10 photos.

  • Only 3 shots allowed
    You are allowed to shoot 3 shots per category. Select only 1 of the 3 to submit. The 3 shots must be the same subject. Once you select the subject, that’s it. You can’t go find a “better”one. You can change angle, lighting, etc., as long as it’s the same subject.

  • Photos must be taken during the competition period
    You may only submit photos taken between April 21st and May 17th.

  • Minimal post-processing
    You can make minor tonal adjustments, correct white balance, resize, sharpen, and use selective editing tools available for local adjustments. The following types of edits are not allowed: composites, cloning, rearranging subject matter post-shooting, and major photoshop work.

  • Image naming
    Name each submission:
    The word list above specifies the names you should use for each category if the category name is more than a single word. Example: A submission for the "Curve or spiral" category would be named

  • Regular competition submission rules apply
    Submit images as sRGB jpgs
    1920 pixels in long dimension
    No borders
    See complete competition guidelines

Marshall Goff Bio

As Co-President and one-time Artistic Director of the Newton Camera Club, Marshall is excited to serve as juror for an event at his home club. He has competed and displayed work with NCC for longer than anyone wants to admit, and pursued photography for maybe even longer than that. He has also judged both digital and print competitions at other camera clubs for several years, and somehow isn't hated by every club in the area yet. At least not that they have told him.

Marshall’s photographs have been used on CD covers, promotional posters, and in magazines, including putting sports images on the cover of the national magazine of the Ultimate Players Association and in Men’s Health (Germany).

If being a photography “generalist” means “shooting whatever happens nearby”, then the shoe fits. Marshall’s photography pursuits started from landscapes and outdoor work, but has included a surprising amount of work with people. For a decade, he photographed musicians and poets in performance, serving as the photography lead for the National Poetry Slam twice and the official photographer for a Rock Opera. He also enjoys photographing sports, especially Ultimate Frisbee.

When he’s not shooting, reading about, or looking at photography, Marshall works at an educational non-profit. Outside of that, he's an avid hobbyist musician, and coaches and plays ultimate Frisbee, which is why his knees are sore.

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