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Sheryl Kalis

2023 Scavenger Hunt

Rules Below

Monday, May 22, 2023

11:30 PM

Submission Deadline:

May 20, 2023

In Person Meeting

United Parish of Auburndale

64 Hancock St. 

Auburndale, MA

As is our club's tradition, we celebrate the end of the program year with a Scavenger Hunt.  Here are this year's words (be sure to read the instructions below carefully):

  • Blur

  • Chiaroscuro [Chiaro] *

  • Curve(s) [Curve] **

  • Flame

  • Opposites

  • Rope

  • Silhouette

  • Through the Looking Glass [LookingGlass] ***

  • Vintage

  • Wheels

* Chiaroscuro: Use "Chiaro" as the category name. The term chiaroscuro stems from the Italian words chiaro (meaning “clear” or “bright”) and scuro (meaning “obscure”' or “dark”). The technique focuses on shadows and light to achieve depth and tone. Here's an article about the topic if you'd like more information.

** Curve(s): Use "Curve" as the category name

*** Through the Looking Glass: Use "LookingGlass" as the category name.

For new members, the Scavenger Hunt dates back to pre-digital days where you were given a list of words (categories) for which to find images... but also you had to shoot all the images on one roll of film, one shot per word, and you turned in your roll of film to prove you only took the one shot. In the digital age, we've loosened the rules a bit; PLEASE read the rules below.

Again, for new members, our tradition was that we had an end-of-the-year Banquet during which the Hunt judge revealed their 1st/2nd/3rd place images in each category, and the member with the best total performance "won" the Hunt. This year we plan to do things a little bit differently; instead of a judge, members will vote for their favorite image in each category. Also, no banquet, but we do plan to have refreshments to make it celebration-worthy.

This year, we have 10 categories for you to stretch your creativity. Check out the words, check out the rules below, and get to shooting. The basics:

  1. All shots must be taken between now and May 20th;

  2. Once you pick a subject for a category and take one shot, you must stick with that subject and you are on your honor to click the shutter no more than 3 times for that subject (submit the one you like best);

  3. Don't process the images much - this is a hunt for images not an exercise in Photoshop.

See our Competitions page for general information and submission specifications.

Please submit via Dropbox using the button above:

  • You must be a member in good standing to enter. Please pay dues now if necessary.

  • Please log out of your Dropbox account before submitting your images.

Rules Below

Judging (historically...but we will be member voting this year) is based on how well images fit the category and do they have a sense of humor or special artistic quality to them.  “Fit the category” is up to your creativity and interpretation, but other members must be able to understand what you’re doing. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards for each category. You get a point just for entering a category. So DON’T hold back!

Submit 1 photograph for each category.

  • The 10 categories are listed above. Submit only one photograph for each category.

  • You may submit fewer than 10 photos, but you get points for just entering a category, so it's best to try to submit something for each category.

  • You get points for 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place.

Only 3 shutter presses allowed per category.

  • You are allowed to shoot 3 shots per category. The 3 shots must be the same exact subject; different angles, different lighting, different zoom, etc. You then select only 1 of the 3 to submit.

  • Once you select the subject, that’s it. You can’t go find a “better” one. You can change angle, lighting, etc., as long as it’s the same subject.

Photos must be taken during the competition period.

  • You may only submit photos taken between April 21st and May 20th.

Minimal post-processing.

  • You can make minor tonal adjustments, correct white balance, resize, sharpen, and use selective editing tools available for local adjustments.

  • The following types of edits are explicitly not allowed: composites, cloning, rearranging subject matter post-shooting, and major Photoshop work. Other excessively processed images will be mocked by the facilitators

Image naming: FML_Category_ImageTitle.jpg

  • Use your initials followed by the category name and then the image title. If you only have two initials, use X for your middle initial. We need the initials to be exactly three letters. Also note that the image titles will only be used for the online gallery after the competition, so make sure it's obvious how your image fits the category. For example: NYM_Curve_Big Swirl.jpg

Regular competition submission rules apply

  • Submit images as sRGB jpgs

  • 1920 pixels in the long dimension

  • No borders, signatures, etc.

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