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Judge: Gregory Jundanian

Monday, May 6, 2024

11:30 PM

Submission Deadline:

April 29, 2024

Hybrid Meeting (See Remote Meeting Instructions)

United Parish of Auburndale

64 Hancock St. 

Auburndale, MA

For this competition, we're looking for photographs of liquid. You can certainly submit photos of water, but also consider all sorts of other liquids. Be sure that whatever liquid you choose, that's it's really main subject of the image.

You may submit a total of three images, but only two in the same category. Categories are either Liquid or Open.

Judge: Gregory Jundanian

Gregory Jundanian is an emerging artist focused on self-selected communities, but also enjoys the quiet of landscape work. His projects include In Their Footsteps…an Identity Fractured by Genocide, Spoken Word, Trees I Have Known, Present, Consider This Your Home, and When the Moon Hits Your Eye. His latest work, Inheritance, explores the inherited trauma of the Armenian diaspora, growing up as a second generation Armenian in central Massachusetts.

Jundanian is the founder of Three Squares New England, an organization focused on increasing awareness and fundraising to battle hunger in Massachusetts. He is also a founder of an archival project, Armenians of Whitinsville, a project focusing on identity in a former Armenian refugee community and how it has changed over some 100 years.

Instagram @gjundanian

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