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2019 Scavenger Hunt Categories Announced

The 2019 Scavenger Hunt is on! You have between today and April 20th to find compelling images in the following 10 categories:

  1. Golden Hour Light

  2. Leading Lines

  3. Shadows

  4. Clouds

  5. Happy

  6. Puddle

  7. Crooked

  8. Opposites

  9. Door Knobs

  10. Upside Down

The Scavenger Hunt page has all the details, but the quick summary is that all photos for the hunt must be taken during the competition period (March 25th - April 20th) and you may only take three shots in each category. Photos may be lightly edited. You can only submit one photo for each category. While it's not a requirement to submit photos in all categories to participate, you get points for just submitting, so don't hold back!

Golden Hour diagram

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