Past Competitions

Photo by Joern Hopke

About Competitions

Competitions provide learning through thoughtful critique by experienced judges; recognize and reward good work; and challenge us to create photographs on various themes and topics. Beyond that, they are an opportunity for as many people as possible to share their best work.

The Newton Camera Club typically hosts four themed competitions a year plus an annual Scavenger Hunt, which is run as a competition.

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Competitions from Previous Seasons

2019-2020 Season

Nature / Open (Nature Gallery) October 14, 2019

2018-2019 Season

Nature / Open (Nature Gallery) October 8, 2018

Food / Open (Food Gallery) January 28, 2019

Winter/Open (Winter Gallery) March 11, 2019

Motion/Open (Motion Gallery) April 8, 2019

Scavenger Hunt (Scavenger Hunt Gallery) May 13, 2019

2017-2018 Season

Color/Open (Color Gallery), March 12, 2018

Scavenger Hunt (Scavenger Hunt Results), May 8, 2018

Newton Camera Club

The Newton Camera Club provides photographers of all skill levels a forum for discussing photography and sharing their work. All are welcome.

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